Beautiful words,beautiful voice,beautiful singer.

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I’m currently addicted to this song,’Siboh Kitak Nangis’ by the talented singer-songwriter,Zee Avi. She’s one of my favourite female singer by far. And plus,she has everything (that I can see) that I want in my dream girl.

About this song,it is too perfect. The melody,the lyric (eventhough I don’t really understand all of them),Zee Avi’s voice and the way she sings it. Basically everything about the song. It made me fall in love,again.

To you,my dear. “Kamek akan disebelah kitak. Mun kitak perlu kamek.”



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I don’t know why,but lately I’ve been disappointing people around me a lot,including my family,and someone that I love.I fuck things up a lot of time these days,even I fuck myself up.What a bloody cunt am I.

And being a fucking cunt is a real disappointment.


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So I’m writing these on the morning of 16th Ramadhan and this year,by far,is the best Ramadhan for me in these few years.

The first reason why I feel this year’s Ramadhan is the best so far is because I won over my lust of eating,which I have been trying so hard to beat since I was,like,9.I used to by at least 2 meals for me each day.1 for iftar,and 1 for post-tarawikh.I know,I’m a happy fat kid.But these year,I have kick my lust in his ass,’rock-bottom’ it,and uppercut his jaw.I now just need 1 meal a day now,or sometimes I add-on some cakes or pastries for appetizers or dessert.Biggest victory,I supposed.

The next reason for the best Ramadhan is,good tarawikh track record.Yes,even I can’t believe it.I just missed 3 days by far,which is above awesome,to me at least.And there’s nothing more I can say about this.

So now,all I need to do is maintain.It’s such an easy word but it’s not as easy as it sound.But above all this things,one thing I don’t really sure is,why am I up at this time (6:08 A.M.Freaking A.M.) and write all these?It’s something we’ll never know.Something higher than paranormal,higher than 4 hits of pots.Over-exaggerate.I know.


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How I wish I can write something like this piece for you.So beautiful.But nevermind.This song is for you. 🙂

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I know the words but unfortunately,that wasn’t for me.But it really bother me.Fuck,I hate it.

Maybe,its bother me so much because,I need you.Really really am.But I can make it,I think.Without it.


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Why looking someone else somewhere when there is someone in front of you(not literally),can do it?

I really hope you read this.

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Not everything that we want,we love,will be ours.I’ve experienced it.Someone that I’ve really fell for,who I always think about all the time,the one who I miss all the time,the one who I think I really love (apart from my family),is not meant for me.

It’s hard to accept the truth.But,yeah,that’s the truth.Meeting and knowing her,is the greatest thing that happened in my life.I must say,she’s my first love.The others before this are just something silly and just on the ‘surface’,not deeper than that.But her,it’s really deep I must say.

But all of that just from my side,not her.She’s in love with someone else.It’s okay.I’m happy to see she’s happy.She found someone that suitable for her.Not some slacker like me.

To you my dear Pingu,I’m happy for you.Take care of yourself and your partner.Wishing the best for you.Sorry for everything.Lastly,I love you.I really love you.I really do.

Wish I know you since kindergarten,
so I know your favourite flower.
Wish I met you at the park,
so I can guess your favourite colour.